What Happens When A Life Insurance Policy Doesn’t Have A Beneficiary?

Life insurance policies are intended to pay out a sum to a beneficiary when an individual dies. But not all life insurance policies have a beneficiary -- so what happens to the policy? This can be complicated to answer depending on the situation. Why Would a Life Insurance Policy Be Without a Beneficiary? Sometimes individuals simply fail to update their insurance policies. Though they may have gotten married or had a child, they might not have updated their paperwork since they were single -- consequently there's no listed heir. Read More 

When Should You Consider Life Insurance?

Life insurance is something that you may not consider until it's too late to get coverage. Here are some of the qualities that make someone a good candidate for life insurance.  When Someone Depends on Your Income The first factor is whether or not you have a solid income that someone else depends on. For example, if you are the main earner in your marriage, your spouse may be depending on your income for their future wellbeing. Read More